Our saloon boats

PARADIS  2-12 guests, diner 6

The Paradis is still providing the same service as it was in 1920, the year of its construction, plus a great deal more. Its narrow shape and low structure allow the beautifully refurbished vessel to go anywhere, from the narrow canals of the Amsterdam 'Jordaan' to the heart of the city. More about the Paradis

IVRESSE   2-12 guests, diner 10

The Ivresse - an authentic, classic salon boat - was built in 1913-1914. At the request of the client, this salon boat was built extra wide. As a result it is very spacious and stable. With good weather, all the windows of the salon and aft deck (including the roof hatch) can be fully opened.  More about the Ivresse

STERN   2-12 guests, diner 8-10

The Stern, built in 1920 by order of the board of the Royal Dutch Steamboat Company (KNSM).  The boat is specially designed to sail in and around the Amsterdam canals & harbors. With its spacious aft deck with retractable roof, the Stern allows you to sit outside very comfortably. More about the Stern.

BELLE EPOQUE  max. 28 guests, buffet 24, diner 20

The Belle Epoque is an elegant saloon boat dating back to 1910, beautifully refurbished and fully fitted out to meet the functional requirements of our day. At the same time the Belle Epoque has retained its authenticity and the charm of its heyday. More about the Belle Epoque